The EAP provides professional services to help employees address a variety of personal, family, life and work-related issues. From everyday stress to relationship issues at work or home, the EAP provides support for overall health, well-being and life management. EAP benefits are available to all covered employees and family members, regardless of location.

  • Clinical Support for Any Emotional Issue
  • Child, Elder and Pet Care Referrals
  • Legal and Financial Consultation
  • Education Referrals and Resources
  • Referrals for Personal Services
  • Health and Wellness Resources
  • Veteran-Specific Support
  • Community-Based Resource Referrals

Program Access

  • All Covered Employees and Family Members Eligible, Regardless of Location or Relationship
  • 24/7, 365 Days-a-year Dedicated Toll-Free Line, Always Live Answer
  • Website, Mobile App, IM, Text, Chat, Email and Video Chat Access to Services
  • Unlimited Crisis Consultation & Crisis Prevention and Threat Assessment Services

Assessment and Referral Services

  • Unlimited Telephonic Assessment and Referral
  • Up to 3 Face-to-Face Diagnostic and Short-Term Problem Resolution Sessions
  • Global Network of 52,000+ Licensed Providers
  • 24/7 Access to Clinicians for Urgent Matters

Getting in touch with the EAP is easy.

Call toll-free (855) 775-4357