A key part of your total health is good oral health. Silverado offers two dental plans through Cigna – the Dental PPO and the Dental HMO.

Dental PPO – Receive care from any dentist, but pay less when you go to in-network providers. This plan has an annual deductible and maximum benefit. Implants are now covered.

Dental HMO – Receive care from HMO dentists only. This plan has no deductible and there are fixed copays for non-preventive services. There is no annual maximum benefit.

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Dental PPO Dental HMO
Deductible $50 per individual/$150 per family
(waived for preventative care)
Maximum Covered Expenses $1,500 N/A
Preventative Services 100% $5
Basic Services 80% $10-$90
Major Services 50% $60-$135
Orthodontics 50% Children (up to age 19) $1,800
Adults $2,400
Lifetime Orthodontia Maximum $1,000 N/A

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