MetLife’s Accident Insurance pays you cash benefits for specific injuries and events resulting from a covered accident on or after your coverage effective date. Accident benefits can help you with your out-of-pocket expenses so you can focus more on recovering and less on the extra expenses an accident can bring. Accident Insurance is a limited benefit policy. This is not health insurance and does not satisfy the requirement of minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Benefit Type MetLife Accident Insurance Pay YOU
• Fractures $100-$6,000
• Dislocations $100 – $6,000
• Second and Third Degree Burns $100 – $10,000
• Concussions $400
• Cuts/Lacerations $50 – $400
• Eye Injuries $300
Benefit Type MetLife Accident Insurance Pay YOU
• Ambulance $300-$1,000
• Emergency Care $50 – $200
• Non-Emergency Care $50
• Physical Follow-up $100
• Therapy Services (including physical therapy) $25
• Medical Testing Benefit $200
• Medical Appliances $100 – $1,000
• Inpatient Surgery $200 – $2,000
Benefit Type MetLife Accident Insurance Pay YOU
• Admission $2,000 (non ICU) – $2,000 (ICU) per accident
• Confinement $200 a day (non ICU) – up to 31 days
$400 a day (ICU) – up to 31 days
• Inpatient Rehab (paid per accident) $200 a day, up to 15 days
Benefit Type MetLife Accident Insurance Pay YOU
• Employees receive 100% of amount shown, spouse receives 50% and children receive 20% of amount shown $50,000
Benefit Type MetLife Accident Insurance Pay YOU
• Dismemberment, loss & paralysis $500 – $50,000 per injury
Benefit Type MetLife Accident Insurance Pay YOU
• Lodging – pays for lodging for companion up to 30 nights per calendar year $200 per night, up to 31 nights, up to $6,200 in total lodging benefits available per calendar year

METLIFE’S ACCIDENT INSURANCE IS A LIMITED BENEFIT GROUP INSURANCE POLICY. The policy is not intended to be a substitute for medical coverage and certain states may require the insured to have medical coverage to enroll for the coverage. The policy or its provisions may vary or be unavailable in some states. There is a preexisting condition limitation for hospital sickness benefits, if applicable. MetLife’s Accident Insurance may be subject to benefit reductions that begin at age 65. And, like most group accident and health insurance policies, polices offered by MetLife may contain certain exclusions, limitations and terms for keeping them in force. For complete details of coverage and availability, please refer to the group policy form GPNP12-AX or contact MetLife. Benefits are underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, New York.